There wasn't one job of mine that David didn't improve.
Dick Dunford - ECD, TBWA\Worldhealth

Dave is a fantastic designer. I met him over 10 years ago at Saatchi & Saatchi and his commitment to producing the best work possible has never flagged. Never. He’s a great motivator, inspiring his team towards excellence – not through heavy-handed, authoritarian dictatorship but rather through an unquestionable mature design sense and cool logic for problem solving. I never cease to be impressed by his ability to bring the roughest, scruffiest art director’s visual to vivid life, adding his own contribution to the concept that compliments or drives the idea forward, yet is neither intrusive nor egotistical. A true professional, Dave is, and I have no reservation recommending him for any position he seeks.
Joe Videan - Programme Director, EPA Internships Europe

Dave's greatest strength is his passion for doing the job right. I have always really enjoyed chewing over a challenge / opportunity with Dave as he thinks in the best way: he sees the big picture, looks at the problem from various angles. He asks different questions to get the best answer. He is a proper creative-strategist-designer guy: a rare thing, in my experience. Dave is dedicated to doing good ideas justice, as he has a relentless eye for detail. He won't let good 'big-thinking' be let down by errors in execution. I often find the best people to work with are those that you start a conversation with by trying to find an answer to a problem - and come away having completely redefined the problem itself. That is was what Dave does.
Andrew Headley - Director of Planning, TBWA\Worldhealth

I worked with David Brady for the best part of two years. He's a top-drawer creative with brilliant attention to detail and ideas to match any brief.
Don Jenkins - Commercial Director, Raw Power Management

Every single project I have worked with him on is designed to perfection & always exceeds all the Creatives expectations. His passion for design & advertising is very inspiring & he creates a great environment in which to work in & encourage the best out of all creative work. 
I really can't sing his praises enough (and I know most of Art Directors across London feel exactly the same way) & I always enjoy working with him on all my projects as he always pushes me & the work to be the very best it can be. 
I guess this is why nearly everything I've worked on with him wins countless awards.
Jo Russell - Senior Project Manager, VCCP

Dave and I worked together at Saatchi and Saatchi for several years. During that time I saw how Dave not only motivated his team, but motivated creative teams to push their ideas further. He has the ability to get straight to the crux of an idea which enabled us all to produce outstanding award winning work.
Dave Hobbs - Senior Art Director, VCCP

Inspirational, knowledgeable and unflinching in his pursuit of perfection. Dave has the rare ability to be able to find simple, elegant solutions to complex problems, and always with great design at it's heart. He knows how clients think and also how accounts run. He's always able to enhance a situation with the vast amount of experience he has. I have learned a huge amount from him and would have no hesitation recommending Dave.
Mark Wheeler - Experienced pharma guy

If there was ever a phrase to describe the work of Dave Brady it's "God is in the details." He is a man after my own heart. A natural. A craftsman of type, layout and design of visual communications that is too rare in this business. 
If he works for you - keep hold of him. He has a golden touch.
Tim Bennett - Creative Director

David is one of those designers that I would choose if I had an idea that had potential to win an award. He'd make sure the piece gets shortlisted. As a manager, he is very well respected by his team and doesn't tolerate incompetence.
Jaime Nunez - Creative Director and VR Developer
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